About the Programme (June 22nd – June 23rd, 2009)

Subject: Tax Treaty Interpretations

With the integration of global economy, the mergers and acquisitions have become order of the day. International Taxation is becoming a very critical and important strategic factor in all cross border investment decisions. In order to promote global trade and commerce, many countries have entered into taxation treaties with each other to provide incentives and attract investment in their respective countries.

As part of the on-going activities, Foundation for International Taxation has organized a two day Training Programme on Tax Treaty Interpretations in cooperation with Vienna University of Economics and Business. Dr. Pasquale Pistone and Dr. Mario Tenore, Senior Faculty Members and experts on the subject will conduct the programme.

The outline of the training programme is structured in a way to combine the traditional teaching of Tax Treaty Articles (Based on the OECD, MTC, though without excluding reference to the UN MTC) focusing on specific issues with practice. Sessions will cover how European law obliges EU Member States – in relations with non-EU countries – to interpret and apply tax treaties. The sessions will be interactive. Understanding and interpretation of tax treaties and its business implications will be the main focus of the programme.

Location & Timing
The course will be held during the period from
Date: June 22nd and June 23rd 2009,
Time: 09.30 am to 17.30 pm
Venue: Mayfair Banquets,
Worli, Mumbai, India

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