Faculty Profiles (February 16th – February 18th, 2011)

Michael Lang: Michael Lang is the head of the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law since 1998, and a professor of tax law with a focus on International tax law. He is responsible for the LL.M. program in international tax law. He was a partner with Deloitte until 2004 and is currently a member of the Permanent Scientific Committee (PSC) of IFA.

Helmut Loukota: Helmut Loukota has served with the Austrian tax administration since 1962, and in 1988 was appointed the director of the Division for International Tax Law in its Ministry of Finance. He has served as vice chairman of the OECD Working Party on Double Taxation and as chairman of the Working Group on Partnerships. After his retirement in 2006, he continues to work for the Ministry of Finance as an independent consultant in international tax matters.

Pasquale Pistone: Pasquale Pistone is associate professor of tax law at the University of Salerno and served as EURYI professor at the Institute until late 2010. His current research focus includes taxation in relation with developing countries, good governance and global fiscal transparency. He is a visiting professor at various universities and is a frequent speaker at international tax conferences around the world. In 2010, he was appointed Jean Monnet Professor of European tax law and policy by the EU Commission and joins the Institute in this capacity now.

Josef Schuch: Josef Schuch received his doctorate in law in 1998 for his thesis on expenses and losses under tax treaty law and his PhD in 2002 for his work on timing issues under tax treaty law. His research and publishing activities mainly focus on international tax law. He is a professor in international tax law at the Institute since 2002, and also a partner of Deloitte Austria.

Claus Staringer: Claus Staringer is a professor for tax law at the Institute. He is a principal consultant with the law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in Vienna.

Alfred Storck: Alfred Storck is visiting professor at the Institute. He is also a honorary professor for company taxation and managerial finance at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Previously, he worked for several years with the ABB Group in Switzerland, where he retired as deputy CFO responsible for the Group Finance and Taxes. Alfred is a member of the Tax Committee of the Business and Industry Advisory Council (BIAC) at OECD.