This webpage contains copies of the slide presentations of conference speakers from 2001 onwards. They may be used for informational and non-commercial (e.g. educational) or personal use only and should not be copied or posted on any network computer or broadcast in any media, or modified without prior permission.

Year Conference Speaker Country
2001 Tax Treaty Interpretations Professor Klaus Vogel Germany
2002 Permanent Establishments Professor Arvid Skaar Norway
2003 Tax Treaty Interpretations Jacques Sasseville OECD Paris
2004 Anti-avoidance Rules Jacques Sasseville OECD Paris
2005 Transfer Pricing Rules Professor H.Hamaekers The Netherlands
2006 International Tax Developments Mary Bennett OECD Paris
2007 Cross-border Investments. Guglielmo Maisto Italy
2008 Transfer Pricing Issues Harry L Gutman United States
2009 Tax Structuring Issues, etc. Professor Arvid Skaar Norway
2010 Tax Dispute Resolution, etc. Jeremy Libin USA
2011 International Tax Anti-avoidance Reuven Avi-Yonah USA
2012 International Tax Developments & Investing Abroad Frederik Zimmer Norway
2013 International Tax and Treaty Conflicts Michael Lang Austria
2015 Jubilee Conference 1995 – 2015 Prof. Jeffrey Owens Austria
2016 BEPS And Beyond BEPS : A Year Later Pascal Saint-Amans Paris
2017 Multilateral Instruments (MLI) under BEPS Pascal Saint-Amans OECD Paris
2018 BEPS And Beyond BEPS : Recent Global Development Pascal Saint-Amans OECD Paris
2019 Global Tax Reform – An Ambitious Dream. Grace Perez-Navarro OECD Paris

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